Project Types

ZGA Architects is committed to providing high-quality service across a number of market sectors. Because we listen to our clients, we have a reputation for our responsive approach to the design that achieves our clients’ functional and financial targets. Professional service from highly skilled and personable architects and technicians has led to valued, long-term relationships in both the public and private sectors, and this extensive experience has enabled us to deliver our clients even more value for their money, both in service and design.


From St. Luke’s to Idaho Elks, large hospitals to private medical practices, ZGA has served a wide variety of healthcare organizations with all sizes of projects.

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ZGA has designed projects and provided comprehensive master planning for nearly all of Idaho's higher education institutions for more than 40 years.

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Despite the additional challenges that are inherent to the public sector, ZGA has a history of successful federal, state and municipal projects.

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ZGA creates distinctive environments that enhance your team’s productivity and reflect your corporate identity inside and out.

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ZGA treats historical sites with special care and a unique approach to ensure communities can enjoy their rich history for years to come.

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Whether it’s a place where people live, play, worship, or help others, there is an art to designing a project that turns a building into a community.

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