ZGA was commissioned, in conjunction with SOM, to provide architectural planning and design services for Boise Plaza, formerly the Boise Cascade headquarters. The 330,000 sq. ft. project involved extensive tenant improvements, life safety upgrades, ADA and code modifications and new interior finishes. In addition, ZGA is working with the owner and their master planning team to provide planning for the development of the adjoining parcels including garage parking and mixed-use facilities in line with the vision for downtown Boise.

This project has received a LEED Gold Certification for improvements to its electrical and mechanical systems to reduce energy consumption and improve operating and maintenance costs.

Additionally, ZGA provided entitlement, planning, design, construction documentation and  construction administration services for this 8-story, 282,0878 sq. ft., 950 car parking garage located on a half block site to the east of the Boise Plaza Office Building. The project was designed to provide structured parking for the tenants and to free up current on-grade parking in the immediate area for future development opportunities as envisioned by the developer’s master plan.