The 11,975 sq. ft. building consists of a credit union branch, and offices to support mortgages and car loans. The branch is aligned to have views towards the city areas in the distance whereas the offices have primarily uninhibited southern views towards lowlying mountains. Even though the building is two stories, it has a human scale from the moment of arrival and entry into the building. A choice of which portion of the building to visit is made in the glass-cube lobby. The two-story office is connected via open staircase and each floor’s visitors are greeted by receptionists stationed near the staircase.

The open offices are designed to fully envelope the use of the client’s office environment furnishings. Enclosed offices and conference rooms reside compactly against the north side of the floors providing full view of the surrounding country. The colors and textures chosen for the interiors reflect the local surroundings. Carpet patterns provide wayfinding throughout the facility; wall colors accent wall where people tend to congregate.

The facility is superinsulated, with shading devices beating down the summer sun. The HVAC system was constructed in conjunction with a major national HVAC manufacturer, giving this facility a leading edge in comfort in it's high desert climate.